“We are very pleased with the results of all your effort and hard work.”  A.S., parent

“I just wanted to say thank you for making my son’s lessons so enjoyable.”  C.S., parent

“You have given a gift to our daughter, a beautiful passion for the piano and for music.”  S.S., parent

“Thank you for your expertise and time you have devoted to my children.  I have nothing but respect for you and your musical talent.”  G.D., parent

“I appreciate your dedication to your students.  It’s fun to watch you in motion.”  J.B., parent

“Thank you for challenging our son to rise to his potential.” D.S., parent

“Music is becoming very much a part of his everyday life.”  A.H., parent

“He loves the challenge and the professionalism of the lesson.”  J.H., parent

“You are truly a blessing to me and my family.”  M.Z., parent

“When I think of you, the following comes to mind – sweet, gracious, thoughtful, kind, great sense of humor, patient, talented, an excellent   teacher and pianist.”  K.L., adult student

“You are the first teacher I’ve had out of six, whom I actually enjoyed taking lessons from.  I like the challenges you give me.”  J.H., student

“My goal is to be able to play any piece and to be like you.”  C.Z., student

“I have learned so much, and you gave me the impetus and drive to push myself to always improve and do better.  Thank you for teaching me so many things about music and life.” J.V., student

“There is no way I could have gotten this far without your constant encouragement.”  E.N., student

“Wherever I go, I will continue to practice and play piano because of your influence.” S.S., student

“You are a wonderful teacher, example and friend.” C.L., student

“It has been a joy to be your student.” J.Z., student

“Thank you for being such a good teacher and for having confidence in me.”  N.P., student

“I know that I have bettered myself by taking this piano class.  Thank you to the ever patient and kind Traci Linstrom; you change lives daily.  Never forget what an impact you have on people’s lives, mine included at the top of that list.” J.K., student